Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Campaign Prep Paint-o-rama pt III

In what will probably be their last appearance in the WIP Wednesday, we bring you some more progress on the campaign models- and other goodies!

First up on the table is Ali Alcatraz, with more work on her Edo.  The Prototype Edo Leader (which she plans on using as an Undermind until one is sculpted), the second tracker that hasn't made it into her list (yet...), and the three bases that will be housing her brain drones.  Oh, and of course, a zombie.  Because really, did we expect her to go a whole month without painting a zombie?

Second up is Merek, who is hard at work on our Bauhaus armor.  Merek is an armor painting specialist- as much as he hates to paint, he enjoys painting armor pieces, so we gave him the walking tanks and the heavily armored Hussars to work on.

As for painting time was very limited this week, but I managed to get some more work done up on the Hussars themselves.  Thee blues are all but done, with the metals and leathers to follow up next week.  No flesh on these guys to worry about at least!

And there we are. Not a lot done, but at least some brushtime getting in... and more yet to come! Make sure you don't miss our coverage of the Warzone and Counterblast campaigns!

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