Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Warzone to Begin Shipping in 19 days!

     Prodos Games is about to do something nearly unthinkable in the world of Table Top
Wargaming Kickstarters:  begin shipping 70 days after their Kickstarter ended.

     It has become a fairly accepted practice that Kickstarters for wargames generally don't ship on time.  This isn't specifically a slight on those companies, however:  there's a ton to consider, a million little things that can (and often do) go wrong, and many circumstances beyond their control- especially when the final result of the Kickstarter is many more kits released than you had planned for.  For all of those reasons, pretty much evweryone was expecting Prodos to be behind schedule, even during the Kickstarter itself.

     Everyone that is, except for Prodos.  Mark Rapson would repeatedly deny that there would be delays, rising to a level of vehement denial when the question was raised. When given an out by their own backers, Prodos would instead stubbornly refuse to accept that they would miss their promised release window of June.  

     As we all waited with baited breath, a message was posted on the Kickstarter page: 

Hello all
Today I am pleased to announce that we will start dispatching on the 24th of June and we can not wait.
The first orders to go will be the PDF and book orders, with more and more going over the following couple of months.

      Just like that, Prodos is doing what many expected would be impossible.   While they're not saying everyone will be shipped in June, they have kept their word- even when their own supports did not expect it.

     You know, there's a bunch of reasons why I love this company...  I now have to add "keeping their word when everyone gave them an excuse not to" to that list.

     Thank you, Prodos... now where's my damned Chasseurs?

The Second Class Elitist

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