Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dropzone Commander News: Seems there was something to look forward to...

Today HawkWargames released their latest Newsletter, number 19 to be exact.  After the quote from Hawk Simon on the forums to look forward to it, I was intrigued to see what was in it.  Well it has arrived and I agree with Simon, it was worth waiting for, so let's break this thing down.

So the news is broken in three parts.  First, and possibly the biggest is this:
After taking in feedback from the release of our resin scenery and through looking at the way our customers would prefer to dip into this part of our product line, we've decided to change the pricing structure of the entire range.
What does this mean for you and me, a 30% reduction in the cost of the resin terrain.  So now you can have buildings as beautiful at the on on the right for around $50.  This really puts the terrein on the same playing field price-wise as the other major companies out there.  If the model range is any judge, the detail on these will be impressive.  If this is a game you are playing it's time to seriously look at the resin terrain range.  If you are thinking of getting in, look at the card stock table and terrain, and if you like the game replace the buildings one at a time.

The next big piece of news?  New units are on the horizon.  In a departure from there norm, HW has release seek peaks of the renders for a new unit for each race.  These have got me really wanting to dive into a PHR force.  First up is the UCM render:
Next is this sexy beast from the Scourge:
The Shaltari look to be getting some serious fire power:
And my personal favorite, a giant PHR walker perhaps?:

The last bit of info in the Newsletter is something that I find both encouraging and enlightening to how things are going for Dropzone Commander.  Apparently they have been hitting the tradeshows and cons in England pretty hard, with a presence at Carronade, UK Games Expo, and Sheffield Triples.  All of which seem to be developing a following for this game across the pond, as they say.  However they haven't been back to the states since Templecon, but their next visit should be a big one.  HawkWargames is going to GenCon Indy 2013.  Even though it's a little ways off, they are already making preparations.  I can't wait to see what they have in store.  Until next time...


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