Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday News: and we're not even home...

Look at this, LXG goes on holiday and the Sunday News still goes up.  Ok it might have something to do with having to finish it Thursday, but still you gotta admit, it's kinda impressive.  There's a bunch in this edition, even with it being done 3 days ahead of time.  And in what seems to be a trend, there is another announcement at the end.

So in case you missed it, there have been some model sightings for Warzone: Resurrection.  With quick snap shots of the models at the warehouse, showing off Golgotha, Angelika, and Valerie.  They aren't the best pictures, but they still got me terribly excited.  We move ever closer to me getting my beautiful Brotherhood models.  In conjunction with these photos a new render for the Capitol Infantry is causing quite a stir.  It seems some people are upset that the renders now don't match the renders from the Kickstarter.  I only have two things to say, first renders are not finished models, sometimes there are production issues that require a reworking of the model.  And second, these guys are DAMN SEXY!  If you are really that upset about the changes, you have what I like to call first world problems.  Just my take, but in the grand scheme of things, this is minor.

Another week and another announcement from Dark Age.  These guys are becoming a weekly staple in the Sunday News.  Any way this week we got a wonderfully coded message in binary.  The jist of the message is this, there are three new CORE models coming; the L-CST, the Nexus, and the TB-13.  When asked if this means the Tseudo is on it's way, Dark Age had this to say:
It's on my list <name redacted>, no specific date, but the Tesudo was produced along with a number of other models and they proved impossible to mold up and reproduce so they've had to go back to be reworked (some of which I'm doing personally) so we can create masters that we can create molds with and actually produce.
At least this puts to rest the question as to why there haven't been any CORE models recently.  I for one am excited to see more models for this great game.

Secret Weapon put pictures of new bases on their Facebook page.  These 'pill box' bases go with the Asian Garden theme, and I bet they look great painted up.  They also have a shot of the "Sack o' Corpses" on there, and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Spikey Bits's sale this week is Dropzone Commander.  As is the Warstore.  If you've been thinking about getting into this game, now is the time.  2CE and I are buying in, and look for some more coverage of the game in the near future.

Well the Deadzone survey went out on June 17th.  If you pledged get this done, so you don't miss out on your models.  Mantic also showed off some of the work the sculptors are up to like this guy.  I hope they all look this cool.

The orders have been placed and the lights are on their way.  What am I talking about, PoweredPlay Games ordered everything they need to meet the July delivery date.  I have images of skull faced caves with lit eyes in my mind, and very soon they will be a reality.  However only 55% of the pledgers have fill out the survey (at the time of writing).  So if you haven't done this yet, get on it or you may not get the kits on time.

All Quiet on the Martian Front posted a rough draft of force organizations for the three factions. The more I see of this game, and it's models the more I wish I had had the money to get in.  But there is definitly progess being made, and Alien Dungeon is also looking to redo it's website, so more cool things are in the works.

The rules for By Fire and Sword came in this week.  2CE and Mordin56 are very excited by this.  Hopefully this means models are coming soon.

Toughest Girls in the Galaxy posted an update that clearly lays out the value of their pledge scales.  After looking it over, I was surprised at the discount.  It's much higher then I expected.  So good on them for giving the backers some value.

So here you have another issue of the Sunday News.  Please remember I had to write it on Thursday because LXG went on holiday this weekend.  Anything that happened after Thursday will be in next weeks update.  Oh, and one other thing:

  • LXG is moving.  On July 1st, we launch our new website.  We've been working on it for a while, and it provides us with a lot more control.  After the fiasco of Natfka and BoLS having blogspot issues, our own site means that if someone has a problem with us, they have to come to us.  It also allows us to expand in more ways going forward, and provide for a better community.  Anyway, more details tomorrow.
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