Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday News... on Monday. (I know, I know)

Ok this is late again, but spending all of 4 hours home on Sunday made it hard to get this down.  There are some major things in this week's Sunday news though, so I couldn't forgo it.  One of the games we talk about released four new units and won an award.  Over 1.5 million dollars went to two of the games we were watching and supporting.  We've made some arrangements to add some new contributors for one of those games.  Finally, a major announcement about one of our own... and without further ado:

On Monday, I know.

First up is Dark Age.  This week, I squeed like a little girl when Mr. Black announced that the March to Immortality will be an open competition.  This change has been met with a lot of positive feedback, so much so in fact that I'm left wondering if this will become the norm going forward.

Deadzone had a little Kickstarter end last week.  If you would consider $1.2 million little.  For those of you who supported this Kickstarter the sheer amount of giveaways the had by the end is staggering.  Here's hoping they don't become a victim of their success.

Another Kickstarter for a game LXG has been watching, though none of us could afford another one, ended this week.  Of course we're talking about All Quiet on the Martian Front.  This little game that could ended it's KS at just over $304 thousand.  Not shabby for Alien Dungeon.  On a personal note, it was great to see this level of success for Ernie Baker, Rick Preistly, and Alessio Cavatore.  A reunion of good guys from my days at GW was fun to watch.

I'm going to stay on the Kickstarter theme for a minute.  First we got an update from Walter Anstiss and Commission Figurines, remember him?  It seems that the new laser required a bit of redesign on the files used to create the pieces, but next week he expects to start shipping the 15mm rewards.  He expects the 20mm and 28mm will follow shortly, as the files for those are simply a scale up of the 15mm ones.  We'll see.

My final Kickstarter update is for a new one, that I really like, and looks like it's going to be a very big success.  Raging Heroes started a campaign for Toughest Girls in the Galaxy.  I really like the look and feel of the art work for these, and if I can get some money together by the end of the campaign, I'll probably get in on it.

Godslayer is a game that I really like the model line of, and as I'm a huge fan of the fantasy genre has been on my radar as a game to tryout in the near future.  Well they released four new models/units.  Oh and they won an award from RPC in Cologne.  Godslayer was named the Most Promising New Game.  Yet another reason for me to look at this.  Below is them with the award.

Not that long ago 2CE did a review of FireBucket Games' bases.  Well this week, they announced a full production mold for their Crystal Defense Line.  If the quality matches what we saw in our review, I know TokenGamerChic will be all over buying these, and if a crystal theme works for you, you should be to.

The last game we are going to cover today is Warzone: Resurrection.  I know I said we were done with KS updates for this article, well like the Doctor, I lied.   There are two bits for Warzone this past week.  The first of which is Prodos has given us a date of June 24th to start delivery for the PDF and Hardback of book orders.  So a June delivery seems like a target Prodos is going to make.

The second piece of news for Warzone is a bit more personal.  When each of us get our signed copy of the Rules and Background book from Prodos there is going to be a name among the signatures I have known for years.  He's my best friend, and has been writing the bulk of our articles since we started this blog.  That's right folks, SencondClassElitist has become part of the Prodos team that will bring Warzone back to us.  I know I speak for AlliAlcatraz, Mordin56, TokenGamerChic, and Myself when I say LXG couldn't be prouder of him, good job Tom.

That's it, there's no more news to cover.  Until next time...


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