Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dying Star: Oblivion a unique universe and game

Dying Star: Oblivion is a Kickstarter that we at LXG stumbled upon last week.  2CE and I were intrigued enough to throw some money at the project, and I'm going to take a moment or two to show you why.  Welcome to our Dying Star: Oblivion overview.

One of the most intriguing things about Dying Star is the uniqueness of the world that the game takes place in.  The creation of Samsun Lobe, the factions of Dying Star come of Gebshu, a planet mostly covered in oceans.  Gebshu's temperatures are falling and slowly the ice of the north and south are covering the planet.  This has forced the people who lived below the surface to land and of course conflict.

One of the chief reasons this game has struck a cord is it has a fantasy feel, with a very sci-fi bent.  The factions in this game are a mix of non-traditional and traditional imagery.  We have a race of men that have lived below the sea, or a race of hive-mined sea creatures.  Alongside those you have traditional humans in armor and a rebellious slave caste.  Top it off with polar bear cavalry and dwarves that are giants, and it really is a unique feel.

The eight factions are:
The Enki Tribes
The Imperial Dumonii
The Kekken Swarm
The Magta Enclave
The Merthurian Horde
The Murai Uprising
The Precursor Guardians

No Picture Given
The Elemental Virtues

Superfluid, the company making this game, has made available the full playtest rules for the game and the units in the starter sets.  So in true "Put up or Shut up" fashion they have given you a chance to try the game before you buy.  There are some unique bits in there.  Starting with the fact that all the measurements are based on the size of the cards that come with the units.  These are basic playing card size.  So a unit moves short, long, or diagonal.  This means the short side of the card, the long side, or the corner to corner diagonal.  Ranges are the same; short, long, and diagonal.

Here's the thing, this company has been responsive, and even apologized when their first attempt to get the rules out caused some headaches.  They have made a bold statement in giving out their rules.  And the minimum pledge to get a force on the table is 32 pounds (Missionrai level).  2CE and I have bought in, give it a look, I think you'll like it, we did.  Until next time...


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