Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday News

Sorry this is a little late, I had some personal stuff to handle.  That being said, do I have some goodies in todays Sunday News.

All Quiet in on the Martian Front:  We haven't spent a great deal of time on this game for a few reasons, not the least of which is, while 2CE and I really want to play this game, our wallets are on strike.  Had this Kickstarter not had to compete with Deadzone (more on that later) or PoweredPlays lighting kits (did you see 2CE's article yet?) I think we would have thrown some money at this one.  However without our money Alien Dungeon has garnered just over a quarter millions dollars and has unlocked a third faction, the British Expeditionary Forces.  With just under 16 hours to go, I don't think we'll get to the next new army, but I hope I'm wrong, because I think Venusians would be cool.

By Fire and Sword:  So a couple of news bits here, the PDF of the rules is almost ready.  To quote "we just need to put some touches to it."  Also the expect there English print copies this week.  They are also hard at work at getting their armies painted and on the website, as seen in the photo to the right.

Darkage:  Mr. Black gave us the last sneak peaks of the new cards for Dark Age's new edition.  And finally we get to see the other side of the card.  As expected the points cost and usage limitations (is 1 per 1000 points) are there.  What I didn't expect and am really happy to see is that the special rules for the card are on the flip side.  Also on the other side are the unit size and the size base it belongs on, both nice touches.  Still no word on what the link symbol meas/does.

Deadzone:  Well Mantic is having a good day today.  As of the writing of this article, Deadzone had become their most successfull Kickstarter ever at over $1.2 million.  With over 4,000 backers there is a lot of very happy pledgers out there, like 2CE.  Who reminded me constantly during this KS about the give aways as stretch goals kept being met.  We here at LXG are most excited about the terrain, because a game is much more fun with terrain that look pretty.

FireBucket Games:  This week these guys blew my and 2CE's minds with this picture of an autocannon and a gas powered lamppost:
So why is this picture so mindblowing?  I know I didn't see it at first.  The Autocannon's barrel is hollow.  For the entire length...  I'll just let that sink in...  These guys are putting out some really amazing stuff.  I look farward to seeing what is next.

PoweredPlay Games:  So the picture of the mini 9volt battery came out this week.  There it is pictured next to a AA battery.  This thing is rediculously small.  I ended up upping my pledge from the basic army pledge which comes with one of these to enough to make sure every kit I'm getting (5) has one.  At $8 a pop with the KS these are a steal for anyone who has ideas of lighting up anything (i'm thinking terrain) and doesn't want to have to deal with the storage of a full size 9v.  Seriously these guys need to shut up and take my money!

Last but not least this week is Secret Weapon Miniatures:  These guys had 2 major announcements this week.  Both had to do with their new product, Tablescapes.  If you don't know what these are LXG did 10 articles covering the Kickstarter, which can be seen here.  First SW got permission from Mantic to do a full 4'x4' table for Deadzone.  From the concept art it looks to be a sidewalk from the urban set, layed out in the 3"x3" grid necessary for the game.  The second announcement was the release of the Urban baricade wall set.  The pictures of which follow, and make me wish I was getting this table (so many things I want and so little money).

Here are the wall sections with end caps (the half size piece) and a Security Barrier (the section with a gun slit).

Here is a close up of both sides of Security Barrier.
Finally we have the Gate for this set.  These are the finished renders, but are still damn sexy.

Our last new bit for this Sunday is a bit of shameless plugging.  LXG is going to do a themed week from June 24th to June 30th, and it's all about painting.  Expect something from 2CE and I, plus some guest writers, some of which we've talked about before.  If you'd like to submit something for us to put up during that week, contact us at  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did coming up with the idea.  Before I go, look for an announcement about our very own 2CE coming shortly, I know we are excited about this, and it's going to blow some of your minds.  Until next time...


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