Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dropped Prices on Dropzone Commander!

So, you want an excuse to go and buy some Dropzone Commander?  Need a little push to get a buddy into the game?  How about discounted prices from two of the web's best retailers!

     So, we've been highlighting the Weekly Sale over at Spikey Bits, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Dropzone Commander made it onto that list. Well, here it is! Now, before you get all upset at MBG because this Weekly Sale is only 20% off instead of the 30% off his others ones were, I seem to remember something in the Retailer's Agreement for Hawk Wargames a year ago that limited discounts retailers could offer to 20%, so that's likely the reason. No need for a coupon code, Spikey Bits did all the work for you!

     In addition, the Warstore is offering a 10% discount on Spartan Games as well as Dropzone Commander until the end of the month. For this one though, you do need a coupon code. The code is SpartanDropzone10off 

     That's two different ways to save on this incredible game, and you'd best believe that B97 and I are gonna have some Dropzone models to talk about in a couple weeks... on a brand new 4x6 table's worth of terrain for LESS THAN $40...  Come on guys, I know breaking out of 28mm & 32mm is scarey, but this is an amazing game that you really want to be playing.  

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