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Pleased to meat you: A Spinespur Slaughterhouse Agenda review

Filthy, dirty, slovenly beasts. Oh, and then there's the pigs. The Slaughterhouse Agenda represents the "rural society" of horror tropes- the areas where civilization's shining light never quite made it, and if it id, all it accomplished was casting a deeper shadow.

Agenda Strengths: There is a tremendous amount of synergy in this faction- a lot of subtlety in play that can be hard to master, but is even harder to beat if you do. Pigskin autohits and autocrits prone foes, and squeelers and shacklers both can knock enemies prone. Pigskin & Shaklers can disrupt & destroy really effectively with just a little bit of extra Fear Tokens, and Gormandizers can eat corpse tokens to produce Fear Tokens. Goremandizers and Squeelers can be lethal but are erratic in movement, but Pig Whisperers can make their movement more regular.
The Saughterhouse may not have great ranges, but the have a lot of thrown range weaponry in Pigskin and Shacklers, and alot of high damage short range ballistics in Handlers.

Agenda Disadvantages: With the exception of the Goremandizers and Pigskin himself, not a lot of Slaughterhouse models can take a pounding. This means if you fail to dictate the fight on your terms, you're in for a rough game.

Non Agenda Models: a Doppleganger or two on the table can confuse your opponent (not to mention scare the crap out of him with several Pigskins). Thugs are fairly useless to you: with the exception of chainsaws, you can do better going with handlers- comparable in stats, and increase the number of swine you can bring. Shattered have a similar problem- generally the squeelers will function better with nearly the same "herding" being required.

Pigskin: The Senator of Swine himself, this model very truly is a butcher. Infamy means he starts
with extra Fear Tokens. His weighted chain gives him a 10" reach, and allows him to drag a struck model 4" towards him, and prone. Oh, and if he's in Melee Combat with a prone model, the Practiced Butcher autohits and autocrits. While hit 25 health is a bit low for a Senator, his Protection makes up for it.

Goremandizers: The Big Pigs are a terror. Powerful in combat, and sporting a beefy 20 health, these guys can get stuck in but good. Their attacks can push models around the table a half inch at a time. While that might not seem like a lot, it quickly can setup combinations (Molatov combo hits for example) or keeping models out of reach of allied support.

Pigstickers: These grunts count as "workers", which add to the number of Swine you can field.  They are 15 or 16 points depending on if they have a bolt pistol or a shotgun.  Their major asset is that they can "subdue" enemy models so that they may not counterstirke.  To be honest, these are probably the least synergistic model in the game... with the exception that they synergize with themselves (subdue then bolt pistol) really  well. Above average stats mean they can handle themselves in a fight.

Pig WhispererPig Whisperer:  while he might only be average stats, and carries a double barrel shotgun for 10 points... the main advantage of the Whisperer is that he can use a half action to direct a Beast or Swine within 5 inches, so they loose Ravenous, Wandering and Wild.  Sure, it means he's likely moving or shooting once and directing two animals... but gaining undirected control of them might just foul your opponents attempt to kite them around the field. If you're a genius with your movements you honestly don't need him. If you're concerned about mistakes... well, 10 pts isn't a lot to spend to resolve the problem.

ShackelersShacklers:  I really think these guys are the bread and butter.  They're a worker so they help you field more Swine.  Their weighted chains are simply deadly, especially in groups.  With a short blade for any up close work, these guys can pretty much do it all, and boast really fast movement for getting into position.

Squeelers:  your other pigs.  thew squeeler swarms are cheap, have the "distracting" special rule which makes life difficult for nearby enemy models, and can trip people up without even needing to spend an action point on it.  The downside to all this is they're not easy to control, and will Wander unless they can see a Gromandizer, or a Whisperer takes control of them.

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