Friday, June 7, 2013

Journey Into Dark Age: March to Immortality Open 2013

Today, Mr. Black made an announcement that made be a giggle like a school girl.  (if your not sure what that sounds like, go here)  Anyway, today it was announced that this year's March to Immortality tournament will be open to all.  The entry requirements for the tournament are simple

  1. 750 points 
  2. fully painted (I love that stipulation)
  3. attend Gen Con Indy 2013
That's it.  Show up and play.  Of course now I have to revise my list again. (Just got the 500 points down,
now it's 750, bastards!)

Mr. Black wanted to make sure that, to go along side all the new sexiness of a new edition, that we got a chance to participate.  Here is his actual statement.

But, dear players, since this year is all about new beginnings, shaking things up, making changes, I figured one more wouldn't hurt...
And it's with that sentiment that I announce the following:
GenCon Immortals Open 2013
That's right, players, I'm opening the floodgates, just this year, for free competition. What's that mean? it means you show up to Gencon with your 750 point fully painted Dark Age army and you're in- No qualifier needed. I figured let's give everyone a chance this year, as this year is about new beginnings.
So there's your news. Do you feel that spark inside you? The small flame that just kindled? That's the call of being an Immortal. This is your chance, don't waste it.
More information will come along with the release of our new rulebook regarding format and what to expect, but either way, the call has been dispatched, it's up to you to answer.
See you at Gencon...

Oh, and in case you missed it.  The winner get's to be immortalized in the game via a unit of their design.  Mr. Black showcased the last 4, and if you've been paying attention, you'll notice a sneak peak to the new John Woe card.  You can see the first two above.  Below are the last two winners.  Until next time...



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