Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday!

It's another Wednesday, and it's time for a few more WIP shots! Unfortunately we don't have much to show off this week, but there are a couple neat things going on we thought we should put up.

Not a ton to report on from the Club this week.  Basically all the Campaign models are finished, which means a much needed break, and all available hobby time for this week is happening at Templecon this weekend.  However, we do have a couple quick shots for you all.

First up is Second Class Elitist, with a model returning from our very first WIP article.  He's really trying to focus on getting his Rail Crew for Malifaux finished, so he's broken out the Rail WOrkers and Kang and gotten some more paint on them.  In these shots the skin looks a little bit more yellow than in real life, and obviously not finished yet, but should look pretty good once a half dozen more layers of pigment are applied. In addition, he assembled and primed a trio of metal gaimin this week, which should be finished to look like the "Big Rail Dude" next week.

Ali also has a pair of projects going right now as well.  The one to the left is a Street Gladiator model from Comfy Chair Games, designed for Spinespur.  Only base layers, but should look pretty keen by week's end.  The second is a bit of a conversion, using Fenryll model as an extra Malifuax young nephilim model.  I can't remember is the horns were stock or not, but the wings were definitely added on.  Oh, and that base was originally square... she trimmed it down ot make it look like a mostly round tree stump.

Well, with Templecon on it's way that's about all for now.... keep painting everyone!

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