Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The LXG Painting Board- January 2015

   All-righty, folks! It is a new year, with new models destined to be painted ! (okay, and some older ones, too). Since several of us here at LXG have made New Year hobby resolutions related to painting, we need to keep an eye on our painting numbers. So, here it is, the LXG Painting board as it stands at the end of January 2015!

   Why the end of January, you ask? Well, it takes a while to find all of your miniatures and recalculate your numbers. In fact, we are still missing one. Belgarath 97 still needs to count his ArcWorlde figures, since he went a little nuts on that Kickstarter. To tell you the truth, I think he's a little afraid to find out.

   So now, let me explain what you are seeing here, so that you can make proper trash talk with the rest of us. Down the left column what you see are abbreviations for our names, which are probably pretty obvious if you think about them: 2CE is Second Class Elitist, TGC for Token Gamer Chic, ALI is me, Ali Alcatraz, B97 is Belgarath 97, MRK is Merek, and of course there's our recruit, DAZ. I have listed them in order of who I expect to get the most points this year, from highest to lowest.
   Across the top are abbreviations representing each game or category we have unpainted miniatures for. You probably know most of these abbreviations, but a couple are just house categories, so I will list them all, just to be sure: WZR for Warzone Resurrection, CB for Counterblast, M2E For Malifaux (please understand that we play second edition, but include on this chart older models as well), DZC for Dropzone Commander, SS for Spinespur, PC for Pulp City, ARC for Arcworlde, Z&S for zombies and survivors (these are ones unaffiliated with a specific game, and yes, they made me draw an ampersand), and MSC stands for miscellaneous- minis that we just got because we thought they were cool. These are all game miniatures, not terrain pieces, scheme markers, tokens, or anything like that. NOTE: It is possible for points in a column to not be "official" miniatures of the game. If we buy models for the purpose of making them house substitutes in a game, we will still include them in that game's column. Example: I bought a few models to use for Arnts and a Psider in Counterblast, because there are no official models for them yet. I included them in my CB to-do column.
   Also across the top you see a penalty column, where penalty points go for people who fail challenges. These penalty points generally refer to terrain pieces dolled out as punishment for failure, and DO NOT get totaled into the next column, "TO DO". The "TO DO" column is merely a sum of all of the gaming miniatures from the previous columns. They are ones we still need to paint, hence, "TO DO". The DONE '15 column represents the points we have painted so far this year, INCLUDING terrain, and in the DONE INFINITY column we will continue to track all of the points we have painted thus far since we started keeping track last year, including terrain. This number will simply continue to rise this year, next year, and so on.
  Now, a little about our points system, for those of you who aren't familiar with it. Everything is worth a number of points. Things on 25-30mm bases are worth 1 point, things on 40mm bases are worth 2, 50mm bases are 4, and gribblies are generally 10. Terrain values are not so cut and dried, with values ranging from 1 point for small pieces of scatter terrain, to around 5 points for a car, around 10-60 for most buildings, depending on size, and 100 points for a 4x4 foot table itself. In general, we are pretty generous with points for terrain, because it enhances everyone's gaming experience. That's where most of 2CE's points come from, and I suspect terrain points will make TGC's number shoot up this year as well, as she will be painting a lot of Dwarven Forge products.
   The two DONE columns have been totaled at the bottom for everyone in the club, so we can see how much we've painted. We haven't totaled the TO DO column, because we really don't want to know. We might do it someday if we feel daring.
   Let's see, other notes... Ah, yes. A smiley face means that the individual has finished painting every model he/she has in the game's column, while a frowny face denotes that individual never owned any models for that game, and so had none to paint, which we feel is sad. We actually refreshed the emoticons for 2015, so some frowny faces mean the person had no NEW models for that game (like TGC- she had Counterblast models last year, but finished painting them all last year. Bombshell hasn't released new Neiran models yet, so the zero became a frowny face, because she is sad that she does not have new Neiran to paint.)
   So, that's about it. Stay tuned for updates and trash talking, like my Spinespur number becoming a smiley face (come on, I only have one, I can do it!) or "Hey Second Class Elitist, I see you've got triple digits sitting there in Warzone. While I'm sure Prodos is very happy about that, they'd probalby be happier if you painted some of them up and showed them off in our campaign." Ok, so, my trash talking stinks. But that's what the rest of you out there are for. Have at us!


  1. Good luck to everyone in the LXG with their painting progress. :)

  2. Thank you sir! Good luck with your painting goals in 2015 as well!!!