Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Terror from Outer Space, Game One

Almost back on track, the first game of our Counterblast Campaign is ready to go.


  1. Here are Vicky's notes on the first game!

  2. Regarding the question at the 27th minute about deploying Infiltrators after 1st turn.

    Per the rules on page 75:
    Infiltrating models that don't start on the board may attempt to come on any turn after the first, however that doesn't happen at the start of the turn. Instead, when you activate your Crew Leader you must use their ability to activate other crew members (total levels equal to Leader's Command) if you want to try and bring your Infiltrator(s) on that round. If you do not score at least one success on Leadership 5 check those models may not come on that round BUT their levels still count towards the total being activated by the Leader.

    On a side note, I think there is a missing word in the Infiltrator rules. That would be the word "not", as in "Infiltrators may NOT begin the game on Overwatch." Oops. This was a balance problem in testing as players without Infiltrators were often pinned down turn 1 and I specifically wanted to mention it as not an option. Hopefully Patrick and Vicky agree and will address in the errata.

  3. Ac couple comments about the Scary rule mentioned around the 32nd minute:

    This only comes into play when an un-Scary model is charged by a Scary model, not when an un-Scary charges a Scary. Plus, I think Vicky mentioned in her offsite post that Charging, Reach and Engaged need to all be tied together a little tighter.

  4. Thank you for playing this campaign and putting so much effort into it.

    My advice to everyone echos Vicky's and that is to use multiple activations, teamwork and order tokens early and often. Also, don't overlook the value of the Hero ability to re-rolls a number of skill checks equal to their level during a game (page 75).

    Hope you have fun with your upcoming games and create some interesting tales to tell!

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