Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday! Going big, and going tiny!

So, this week's WIP Wednesday has a little bit of everything- conversion, miniatures, BIG minatures, and miniminiatures.  Come on in at look around!

First up, we have Ali's mound of metal from last week.  She's made some good progress, splitting her time across so many different models. By next week, she'll probably have some of these ready for a "One for the Cabinet" article! You'll notice there's two little additions in the front row... and by little, we mean 15mm MicroBabes.  Closeups next week, we promise!

 The Second Class Elitist steps up next with possibly the tallest model we've had yet on WIP Wednesday.  The Cybertronic Eradicator Death Droid (known affectionately as either the E.D.D., or the Death-Egg) comes in at a whopping 6" (15cm) tall... and that's without the base.  This guy is big, folks.  He might look a little bland, but 2CE is trying to do an "Empire" theme for his Cybertronic, so the vehicles will be grey and metal.  I'm sure he'll sneak in some happy wires and OSL somewhere though.

 Token Gamer Chic gives us a real treat this week.  Not willing to wait for the Azhro Cavalary for Counterblast to be available, she is converting them from the Bombshell Miniatures Neiran Clan Sister and the Warploque Miniatures Death Kiwis.  The size is pretty perfect, it only took removing the Clansister skirting (to be green stuffed back later) and a bit of bending, plus sculpting a small saddle.  These are going to be spectacular, I can't wait to see them next week!
Last, but certainly not least (aside from in amount of metal used), The Second Class Elitist is trying his hand at painting some 15mm.  In this case, the 15mm Maelee model just released by Bombshell Miniatures in their four-pack of 15mm MicroBabes.  I gotta tell you, we were all impressed with the quality of the sculpts- the amount of detail in these 15's is incredible.  Just what we needed to convince the club to jump into a whole new scale of warfare.  At least 15mm models are inexpensive!

Also, did you know LXG has a Twitter account now as well?  Follow us at @lxg_blog1 on Twitter for updates about painting, models, releases, Kickstarter updates, and how badly Merek is beating 2CE in a game!

Well, there's a quick look at this week on our painting table.  What are you working on?  Any suggestions for what colors TGC should paint her Amazonian Chocobo Cavalry?  Comments below please!

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