Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One for the Cabinet- Street Gladiator by Comfy Chair Games

What is that I see? Is that a smiley face in my Spinespur column on the LXG Painting board? Why, yes it is! I have just finished my last, lovely Spinespur model. And here he is, the Street Gladiator.

 It took me a while to get around to him, but I'm so glad I did, because he's really cool. We got him as part of the Spinespur Kickstarter. It's a really nice model, actually. The sculpting is very good- he's definitely at the upper end of the Spinespur thugs. Frankly, it's a rather versatile model as well. The base outfit is entirely historically inspired. The only modern elements come from the weapons, which were chosen from a sprue containing modern and ancient variants for both hands. You could very easily do this guy up to entirely match an ancient-themed 28mm army. I specifically wanted to keep him Spinespurian, so I went with the really cool improvised axe and the trash can lid shield. That and those bits are just awesome.
   At $10.99, the model is not exactly cheap, but it does come with extra bits to help fill up your 28mm armory, so it's not that bad. Besides, this model really kicks butt. It's not too hard to paint, and it comes out looking really nice without excessive amounts of work. I love how nothing is overdone- it has just as much as it needs. It's just a guy in gladiator armor, because really, isn't that already cool enough?
   So feel free to hop on over to Comfy Chair Games and grab one, whether you play Spinespur, or an ancient themed game, or just want a cool model and some extra weapons. You'll have fun with this one.

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