Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday! Our Biggest WIP yet!

It's Wednesday yet again, and that means it's time to look at what we're working on.  We realized there's a ton of models heading our way, so it's time crank it up a notch!

So, what's on the horizon?  Oh, not much.... only a collector's pledge of Pulp City, two orders of Bones II, and we just pledged for another 200 models in the Conan boardgame.  All of that inbound has made us a little aware of the building backlog of blisters waiting to touch a brush. So, we got back from Templecon and got cracking.

Ali has an impressive setup of models on her table right now.  We've got some Malifaux gremlins, Reaper undead, Necrobeast riders from Warzone, a pair of DUST models, and some repurposed TMNT toys to use as funny little robotic minions in Pulp City. Talk about spreading the love around!

 With the Warzone campaign in full swing, there's a few models that need to be finished up... like these thirty Bauhaus Hussars here.  Blues and metals are shaded, so no it's just really the leather of backpacks, straps, holsters, and belts, and then on to their bases.

Not to be left out of the Minionfesting in expectation of our soon to be divided Collector pledge in Pulp City, I picked up a Kickstarter from Crossover Miniatures for these ninjas I expect to use as Way of the Fist minions.  Really liking the white shozokos right now.  I'm not certain yet if I want to do all their highlight colors the same (which would probably be red), or paint them all individualistic (which would be easier to track on the table)- after all, this is 80's comic books, right?

Other than that, got in some fun assembly this week for some future unboxing articles.  Here's the Mirrormen from Warzone.  These are some really cool models that I'm looking forward to painting.  Problem is... do I try to paint them to match my force, or go all out painting them to be reflective of their surroundings?

Well, that's out build table for this week.  Questions? Comments?  Donations? Please leave them below!

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