Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Ta'an Arnts, Meka and Monkeys, and Railworkers

The incredibly talented and wonderful artist Meg Maples of Arcane Paintworks coined the phrase "WIP Wednesday" (as far as I know),  and I thought that was so wonderful that it needs to become a thing.  So, here's a few quick looks at our project tables at LXG Headquarters this week.  

Ali picked up a couple of Elmore Masterworks Ta'an and a strange alien from Black Scorpion Miniature's Desolation Row in a discount bin, and decided that they were a perfect choice for Arnts in Counterblast.  Because really, the idea of using models of other lines for slaves the Counterblast line is about one of the coolest ideas ever.  Base coats are down for now, with I'm sure some crazy highlights coming on the way.

As far as TGC, she's been working on Bombshell's Girron as another big beastie to use for Counterblast as well.  He's almost done, he's just lacking a large 50mm base for him- all her Counterblast bases are the sloped style, and all the 50's we've found are the lipped style, so he's not done until there's a better option for the base that fits the rest of the crew- feel free to suggest one if you know any! Also, you'll notice the Meka has a bunch of small scales on it... these are being aligned to allow a tincture spray over the model to darken everything else, so those scales are a bright crimson over a darkened frame.  

For my submission for the week, I have Kang and the rail workers.  Bases have been addressed, and base coats are done.  I'm trying to research some quasi-Asian clothing and colors for it, even though the cuts of the material don't seem to line up well that way. This will finish out my Mei Feng kit, an that'll get me a second fully painted Arcanist faction, which will give me some nice choices.

Nothing in time from the other guys this week, but we'll fix that next time!

So, do you play any of these games?  And more specifically, would you like to watch us play any of them?  Go vote for your favorite game in our Campaign Contest, and maybe win some more models for you to have to paint of your very own!

See you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist

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