Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One More for the Cabinet! Berkeley, Zombie Hunter by Reaper Miniatures

   We weren't heavily into Kickstarter yet when the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter hit (but you can bet we have everything coming to us when Bones II arrives). Nevertheless, we have since acquired some nice pieces from the first set. I just finished one of them, so here she is for you to take a look at: Berkeley, Zombie Hunter by Reaper Miniatures. Hey, even a zombie master like me paints a survivor once in a while!
   Like I said, we got our hands on a small pile of bones models, and this is one of the ones I yoinked. Tough chick with a chain saw. Right up my alley. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to paint her, though. But then, it hit me- "Sarah Connor vs. the Zombie Apocalypse." Yeah, that'll do.
   So I set about painting her with Sarah's outfit in Terminator 2. The outfit was almost perfect already, anyway. By the way, those are all slightly different off-blacks, if you can't tell in the picture. Makes her look a little less monochromatic up close.
   "But Ali, Sarah Connor never used a chainsaw." Well, yeah, sure, because they are not very good against terminators. But I'll bet you if it were the zombie apocalypse she would! And look real close at the still part of the bloody blade- that's the beginning of the Connor motto, "No fate", the same thing she carved into the table during the desert scene.

  So far the only downside we've seen to the Bones models is that it's pretty hard to tell from the models we have how well the bones material holds detail. I mean, the sculpts they are recasting in the stuff are several years old, and their details weren't so crisp to begin with.
   Unfortunately, this model is no exception. The overall sculpt and pose is nice, but the details in the face are pretty flat- I had to paint on the whites of the eyes, pupils, eyelashes, eyebrows, and a lip line just to make it look like she has a face. Not all of the bones I've painted have been that bad, though, so it might just be the old sculpt.
   Overall, though, still a fun model- and with bones being about two bucks for the smaller models, it works for me! I hope you enjoy the little tribute I used                                                                         for the paint scheme. Enjoy!

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