Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One More for the Cabinet! Taans by Dark Sword Miniatures

Hi guys,

   As mentioned last week, I have been working on a couple of Taans from Dark Sword's Elmore Masterworks Miniatures series, and they're done! Click in and take a look!
   I got these guys one time on a trip through the FRP clearance bin. I needed some miniatures to represent Neiran Arnts (basically, gladiators/slaves) for Counterblast. I figured it was a good excuse to pick out a few assorted minis that I really liked but normally wouldn't have a specific use for.
   I guess I could have just gone with all earth tones for these guys, but Second Class Elitist challenged me to do something more interesting, and I don't need much prodding to go more colorful. Since they are already rather crocodilian, I decided to give them a bright, dinosaur-like look, with some colorful body markings. The reds and blues come from the fact that a very large number of primitive cultures (on Earth, anyway) had access to red and blue pigments. It kind of makes them look like they are wearing ceremonial garb, but I figured the Neiran might like that in their gladiators- flashy clothes make for good entertainment. I went light with the wash, because Token Gamer Chic didn't actually use any when she painted her Neiran, and I wanted them to coordinate better.
   There are more Taan in this series, by the way, and they may have to happen now, since I'm rather happy with how these came out. Enjoy!

P.S.- Want to see these guys in action as Neiran Arnts? Go vote for Counterblast in our Campaign Contest! Rather see something else? Go vote for that then! Either way, you have a chance to score yourself some free minis!

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