Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy (Hobby) Holidays from LXG

It's holiday time.  A time to be thankful for what you have, for who is in your life, and for how far you've come.  That extends to all parts of your life, including your Hobby.  So, consider this a holiday card, from our family to yours.
2014 has come and gone.  I can't say I'll be sad to see it go, because in a lot of ways this was a rough year for us at LXG.  However, at the same time, it didn't treat us bad in the things that matter most:  we all have our health, we are all at least as employed as we began the year at this point, and we're all still here.  I guess any landing you can walk away form is a good one, and in that, 2014 was a good year.

Our readers who remember last year's holiday card will undoubtedly notice the pile is less...spewing forth... than it was last year.  Well, part of that was this year was leaner, part of that is some of those boxes are really expensive (no peaking TGC!), and part of it was a lesson learned about buying Christmas presents with Kickstarters.... even the ones supposed to ship in August and September didn't make it in time, and the October and later ones just forget about.  

Still, we have a good holiday planned.  TGC doesn't get to visit her family much (something I think that bothers her more than she lets on), and our schedules are allowing us to head out towards them for a couple days.  When we get back, she's going to have a metric crapton of models to have to assemble and paint. We have a new 20% larger tree, with 50% more lights- which B97's grasp of math will tell you means 1,000% more awesome.  Belgarath97 got a new job this year, so I really can't be too mad at 2014 for that.  Merek seems to have hit a stride in his hobby that I haven't seen form him in years, and I'm glad he's enjoying it- I worry about that kid sometimes.  Ali has gone from a part-time player to a full-fledged gamer, cranking out models, playing games in multiple systems. and generally staking a claim to some serious dominance in the hobby this year.  

I've met- and worked with- some really great people in this whacky Hobby of ours this year, and have plans to start off 2015 with even more great people added to the list.  Sadly, there were a few taken from us as well, but they say so long as old friends remain in your memory, they're never truly gone.  Well, screw that- my memory is horrible, but my model cabinet has proof of them that will never die and never fade, and I'll fondly remember them when I field their works on my table.  

My most sincere wish for all of our readers is that you have had a year you can be happy with, and failing that happy to put to bed with plans for a better one around the corner.  It's really because of you ladies and gents that we keep the blog going:  we all believe in sharing good things with good people, and you're good people.  I wish I could drop into an LGS and play a game with each and every one of you, all around the world.  For now, I'll just be thankful that the interwebs, and this crazy hobby of ours, has allowed me to spend some moments with you all.

Okay, enough mushy stuff.... how about another holiday conversion.  Meet Santa's little helper!

Well, yeah, sure... he's done some bad things, but hey, haven't we all?  He's been touched by the spirit of the holidays, and turned over a new, leaf.  He's a golly little guy, and even though he's a little bit green for an elf, he's really handy at stringing those lights- and man can he toss those Christmas Balls on the tree!

Happy Holidays from all of us at LXG.  May your tomorrows be better than your yesterdays, all of your dice successes, all your resources remain unturned, and that black joker never show his face.