Saturday, December 27, 2014

Counterblast Unboxed! The GDF

32000 - Counterblast Adventure Battle Game GDF Faction Core Set
Ready for Review is the Galactic Defense Force (or GDF) boxed set for Counterblast.  These stalwart defenders of space are available from Bombshell Miniatures.  Grab your bubble helmet, pick up your jetpack, and let's blast off to adventure!

If you're looking for a pulp scifi look and feel, you really don't need to look any further than the Galactic Defense Force.  The boxed set really does have it all- strange alien races, robots, and bubble helmets.  No, really, bubble helmets.  These things are amazing.  

The boxed set comes with six figures- 1 Alanti Commander, 1 Shrinaar Sentry, 1 Human Sentries, 1 Illyrian Sentry, 1 Shrinaar Enforcer, and 1 Combot. As listed, that gives you a force of 136 points.  However, the GDF has a lot of flexibility here. See, your race really doesn't affect your stats, which means any race can be anything if you equip them right.  A quick handswap and you have a Shrinaar Commander and an Atlanti Enforcer.  Also, since the GDF uniforms are pretty constant so far, and they have limited options for weaponry, models can be reclassified and WYSIWYG straight out of the box- for example, if you upgrade those Sentries to Rangers, they go from 18 points each to 30- and you haven't even added any specialized gear yet. 

So, before we get into the models.... can we just talk about possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen in a model kit?  Acrylic bubblehelmets.  Each of your GDF figures is going to come with one specifically sized to the model (one of three different sizes). You can attach them either with PVA or a clear epoxy as Bombshell suggest, or use a silicone glue or water effects as shown here.  Just don't use superglue unless you want a foggy helmet. These things are amazing, really. Definitely setting themselves apart, and completely finishing the pulp scifi imagery.

Okay, onto the models.  First up is the Commander, a big Atlanti (shark-dude).  Really impressive model, and very striking.  If you have a Kickstarter (or "first printrun" model), the oxygen tank is a separate piece.  The anthropomorphism of the shark-man face is a little more to the animal side of the scale, which I think was the right call. Apparently this was a sculpting oversight which is being addressed with subsequent runs of the model.  Honestly, it's not a big deal to fix, and you can even leave it off if you think it's too much hassle.  

Next is the Big Cat himself, the Shrinaar Enforcer.  (If you don't think he has a "CAT" belt buckle in his near future, you're horribly mistaken.) Futuristic Katana and pistol, and a really cool cabling effect on the suit where it wraps the tail but allows it to move.  The anthropomorphism is pretty much everything you expect from a cat/person, no surprises there.  A very workable piece that I think gives a good canvas for whatever paint schemes you decide to go with.

Sentry #1 is the stubby little Illyrian.  Charming chap, and if you want to fiddle with some greenstuff you can do a lot with him as far as variant hairstyles and whatnot (since currently he hasn't got one).  Another victim of the Kickstarter, this guy is gonna have a hard time breathing without adding that little oxy tank on the back.

Sentry #2 is a female human.  Not surprising coming from Patrick Keith,but the gender ratio in this game is really pretty level.  Possibly even slanted towards the female a bit- but without being overtly cheesecake (with the exception of the bikini clad Neiren, because you really can't do Pulp Scifi without amazon women on the something.) Body is one part, rifle and arm is a second part.  Two points of contact (shoulder and wrist) should make it easy to assemble.  For my money I'm going to paint them then assemble- there's just not enough space for me in the middle to make the paint job look the way I want it to (which is probably a good thing, too much space always looks bad) Test fit and make your own judgement before gluing.

Sentry #3 is a female Shrinaar.  How can you tell the bodies of #2 and #3 apart?  Well, there's a tail.  How can you tell their arms apart?  The Shrinaar one has the more outstretched right arm.  If there's any model I was a little upset about the anthropomorphism on, it's this one.  And it will probably be *only* me.  Why?  If it's a feline, that should be six mammary glands, not the two found on primates.  But yeah, minor detail.  Especially with the gun across the torso anyway.

The final model is.... a robot!  Oh, I love robots.  The only reason I'm okay with only one robot in the box, is that it means five bubblehelmets.  You really can't justify a bubblehelmet on a robot.  This guy, he's got some pieces.  Not crazy amounts, but the shipping crate with these guys in them that was sent to GDF headquarters definitely said "some assembly required." Legs (thank the Sculptdude that's one solid piece!), a torso, two arms, and the head.  Allows for a bit of variety with the posing.

So, there you have it.  Six models for fifty bucks, and gives you a decent force that you can either add onto or increase the skills of to expand your points.  If you want to see these guys and gals in action, make sure to vote in the Campaign Contest.  You could even with this box for doing so!

See you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist.


  1. Great writeup! The extra bits on the Combot allow for more variety of poses since they are so homogenous a design. Allows some variety in poses for your crew.

    1. Thank you and I agree! With a little tweeking I think the Combot can be a very multipurpose model kit. Really looking forward to painting these up!

  2. Nice review. I wish there was a tutorial on how to add the tanks to the Illyrian. The Alanti is quite obvious with its position.