Sunday, October 19, 2014

ZOMTOBER2014 Week Three Submission!

It's time for a week three submission for Zomtober, and since Ali has been busy making more zombies, I needed a little support. Something old, something new, two survivors to try to balance the scales a bit.

I have a soft spot for old metals.  I think everyone should break out dated miniatures once in a while.  If nothing else, it reminds you of where your hobby has been, and how far it's come.

I also have a soft spot for some good 90's pulp.  Especially some 2000 AD.  Super especially some Judge Dredd. Johnny from Crushpop fueled my addiction for some Mongoose Dredd figures recently, and Zomtober gave me a perfect excuse to crank out some Megacity lead.

Judge Dredd. The Mongoose Models may not have ever been the Belle of the Ball, but they did what they were supposed to do: immerse you in a campy future shock setting. Merek already dubbed this guy Johnny Napalm because, well, it looks like he stepped right out of Guitar Hero.  Since I was going for the same 70's punk vibe that GH did, it makes sense.  Come to think of it, I think 2000 AD was trying for that same vibe.  Fraggin' cool.

10031 - Artie the Zombie HunterSo one of the first models I bought from Bombshell Miniatures back before the Counterblast kickstarter was Artie the Zombie Hunter.  Mary Profit did an amazing job on the studio model as you can see in this picture. Great detailing and really inspiring color theory and basing. However, this wasn't quite what I saw when I first fell in love with this model...

She stood in the rubble of what had been an office building a world ago.  A lifetime ago.  The things that had passed had changed the world....changed her.

The limited supplies she had left were wrapped in fabric from the shirt of her lost companion, the only one aside from her to survive this far.  He'd been lucky- being a coward meant he was faster to run, and his long legs meant he covered distance quickly.  Luck runs out though.  The only other object she still kept were the dice that had hung in their van, a vehicle that had seen them through many adventures, until everything around them died.


  1. Great additions to the survivor ranks. Well done sir. :)

  2. Thank you sir! Just wait until the Great Zombie Bash... I'm gonna need everybody I can find!