Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Zombie of the Month- October 2014- Bilge Rats by Warploque Miniatures

  Well, it’s Halloween time, so you know I had to pick something a little special for a zombie this month. Now, me, when it comes to my monsters, I like the classics: werewolves, vampires, mummies, etc., and when it’s Halloween, I feel the same way. I want to see witches and ghosts and bats and spiders and all that other good stuff I grew up with. So, when it came time to pick a Halloween zombie, I thought of looking for something big and wild, and I may do that another year, but I realized I had something small and iconic right there in front of me that was absolutely terrific.
   So how do you get MORE Halloween than zombies? How about combining them with another Halloween classic?

The Zombie of the Month- October 2014- Bilge Rats by Warploque Miniatures

   What’s so great about these Zombies? Well, they’re just the most adorable, cutie-wootie little plague infested zombie rats you ever did lay eyes on, that’s what! They have absolutely irresistible personalities. “What? They’re just rats” you say. Wrong! They’re the most amazing, fabulous, sensational rats in the whole world. Every one of them is unique, from the guy chewing on somebody’s severed hand to the lovable little fellow who’s totally hairless. They are even all different sizes. Sure, they are humble little zombie rats, but if you like personality in your models, you can’t do better than these guys.
   The Bilge Rats are officially part of the Pirates of the Black Coast faction of the ArcWorlde game, although we don't much know what that means, since the rules aren't out just yet. Regardless, we have already thought of several uses for having them in the house. After all, they are both rats AND zombies, and there's plenty of call for both in miniature wargaming.

The Basics:

Scale- We are officially calling ArcWorlde 28mm Heroic. However, given that each rat is a slightly
different size, and all of them are huge compared to any human at any wargame scale, I’m going to call this irrelevant. They range in body length from 17mm to 25mm, not including tail.

Genre- Any! At least, I assume rats have existed in nearly every time and place, and will continue to do so. Unless there’s literally not a single Terran thing in the game you’re playing, you should be fine.

Material- The ones I painted are made of resin- a little something extra we shelled out for during the Kickstarter. As far as I know, they are only planning to release them in metal. Hopefully the details will be preserved.

Parts ‘N’ Bits- Nothing extra came with the Kickstarter ones, and since they are minor characters that don’t have to be holding anything, I highly doubt that they will be released with any extra bits.

Assembly- Wisely, Alex chose to sculpt these little guys in such a way that they could be
accomplished in two-piece molds, so there is no assembly- probably a good idea for rats.

Bases- They come with plain, slotted, lipped 30mm bases- which, believe it or not, are not grossly oversized on them.


Sculpt- 5 brains out of 5- As I said, these guys have so much character, they are hard to resist. If you like uniformity or need something truer to scale, you might want to score this lower. As for Alex’s artsy style that we commented on in August, well, you can tell they’re rats. I certainly can’t tell if they are anatomically correct, and you probably can’t either. The shapes are well executed, and nothing seems flattened or distorted (except where and how it’s supposed to be).

Affordability- Alex, I know you’re at college, and rightly so, but get your stuff up for sale on your website, so I can tell these lovely people how much they cost.

Value- I’m guessing this will at least be a 4, depending on cost, unless you really only want human zombies, but we won’t know for sure until Alex puts his stuff up for sale on his website (ahem, poke poke)

Availability- 0 brains out of 5- What did I want to say here? Oh yes- Alex, get your stuff up for sale on your website.

Pros: Since they are both rats and zombies, they have a lot of versatility in the game room. They are
also bursting with personality (and possibly the same gases that cause bloating in a corpse).

Cons: For the moment, if you don't have 'em, you ain't gettin' em. At least, not until Alex puts his stuff up for sale on his website (yeah, I'm just copy/pasting that at this point).

Happy Halloween!

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  1. So, what you're saying is, Alex should get his stuff up for sale on his website?

    I'm really looking forward to using these models. Not only in Arcworlde, but also as Hamelin's rats in Malifaux. They're so large that they won't seem small in 32mm games.