Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zomtober2014 - Week Four Featuring Zombies from Deadzone

   All right, it's the last full week of October, so that means one more chance to post for Zomtober2014, and one more featured zombie. This week we will be featuring plague zombies from Deadzone by Mantic Games.

   Since Deadzone is a sci-fi game, Mantic opted to make their zombies of the plague variety rather than the undead variety. And yes, it does show in the figures. Instead of shambling, decaying, and missing body parts, these zombies are in more menacing, monster-like poses and have spines growing out of them, causing their clothes to tear apart.
   These are nice zombies to have in the mix, if you want (or don't mind having) some plague zombies. There are a few shortcomings in the sculpts. The joints sacrifice clean seams for versatility of poses, but at least it's easy to get them into different poses. There are a couple of seemingly female torsos, but the limbs are all exactly the same thickness, which is awkward. But again, at least you can mix and match almost any pieces. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on in some spots, but there are a few neat features, like the guy with a REALLY distended mouth eating what might just be an entire set of entrails.
    Overall, I'm not sure I will need the four boxes I ended up with (a box contains four sprues that make 5 figures each), but I'm glad I have some. They are not my favorite zombies, but as the game is not zombie-centric, I think they are interesting enough to make one want to check out what else they've got. By the way, the floor in the pictures is the Deadzone Game Mat and the buildings are also official Deadzone buildings. Enjoy!

...and by the way, here is the group shot from all of our Zomtober2014 models from here at LXG... methinks those two survivors are fairly well screwed.


  1. Well done to the LXG crew for their Zomtober efforts. Great stuff. :)

    1. Glad to be a part of the festivities sir!

      Maybe we should do a similar month once all the Collector's pledges for Pulp City ship... :-)