Monday, October 20, 2014

Plast Craft Games to produce Malifaux Terrain

So, this one came a little bit out of the blue, but is certainly not unwelcome news:  Plast Craft Games has been contracted by Wyrd Miniatures to produce terrain specifically for Malifaux.
Wyrd has made no secret of the fact that even though they had made no official statements about it, their Terraclips based terrain did not seem to be likely to be continued.  It had been quite some time since anything new for the line had been produced, and there was no real talk of it with all the buildup for M2E.  Thus, it wasn't really surprising that we'd see that go.

What was surprising was the announcement that Plast Craft Games would be producing a line of 32mm terrain kits specifically for Malifaux.  The first of the new line of kits has been announced, titled simply the "Graveyard Set."  As you can see, the kit appears to consist of five covered graves with headstones and a mausoleum.  Other kits have been hinted at, but nothing has been seen thus far.

Plast Craft is no stranger to game-themed terrain pieces.  In fact, their 28mm Carnevale terrain kits are already being pressed into service for many a game of Malifaux, even if it is a bit small.  The quality and ease of their buildings, combined with relative low cost for their kits, makes Plast Craft an excellent choice for Wyrd.  With Plast Craft now producing game themed terrain for Infinity, Carnevale, Kensai, and Malifaux,  in addition to their "generic" fantasy, wild west, and sci fi options, Plast Craft is definitely making themselves a strong case for being the go-to game specific terrain company on the market.  As this is their first foray into the 32mm wargaming world, there may be some growing pains with the first few pieces. Based on the quality of their other kits I've seen first hand, however, I'd be pretty surprised if this product line doesn't impress right from the start.  As a terrain junkie and Resurrectionist player, you can bet I'll be giving you an update on the quality as soon as it's available.

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