Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I chose my Crews

Hello I am Merek and this is my first article for the blog the League of Extraordinary Gamers. As for who I am I’m your average gamer who loves to assemble and play table top war games. Notice I am missing something? Painting. I don’t like to paint. I will not lie about it, it isn’t a part of my hobby I enjoy but I still paint all the same because painting your crew is a benefit to you and your opponent, as it adds a whole new dimension to the game. My article here is about why I picked my Malifaux crews. 

The crews I own are C. Hoffman of the Guild, the Viktorias of the Outcast and, finally Von Schill of the Outcast. I am going to start with C. Hoffman as he was my first crew. To be honest I am not a hundred percent sure what drew me to him, it may have been the steampunk automatons he uses or that he reminds me of Charles Xavier from X-men. It could have been anything really. After looking at the models I focused on the rules. My first thoughts about Hoffman were he is a construct stat vampire- take the best stats of the constructs around him. Then I notice something even better: he give every construct around the same stats bonus. That is the bit that hooked me to Hoffman.

Viktorias were a lucky catch, the Second Class Elitist found them and knew I like rare models. This set of the Viktorias are Amazon sized, same with the Ronin that came with them. I can’t wait to play a game with them and see how much synchronized slaying they can do.

The final box is Von Schill this guy I have to say is the one that caught my attention as soon as I saw him and his Freikorps. They are the Special Forces of Malifaux. If you need the impossible and have the money talk to the Freikorps, they can and will get it done. Von Schill is a monster, he is fast and hits hard from close up or far away and his presence alone makes his Freikorps harder to kill because they want to live up to his legend.

Like I said, I enjoy all my crews fluff and assembling them.

Can't wait for the next game,


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  1. I totally want to paint a Von Schill box to look like the A-Team now....