Sunday, October 5, 2014


So, our friend over at The Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer has a October Painting and Blogging Challenge for zombies.  Go read it, it's really cool.  I figured myself and maybe the resident Zombie Queen ALi Alcatraz would blitz through the first month on a short timetable.... but Token Gamer Chic had other ideas....
Part of the fun of LXG is the "Painting Challenge", a club-member callout where one person challenges another to finish a specific amount of models or a project within a specific timetable.  The person who looses the challenge gets a "penalty box" of unpainted models, the size of the box is predetermined before the challenge begins.

In this case, Token Gamer Chic challenged Ali Alcatraz, Second Class Elitist, Belgarath97, and Merek to each paint a full model start to finish in an hour.  2CE, deciding that was child's play, bumped his up to two.

Fortunately, the whole thing is video taped and is now up on our youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. (Editor's note: the video in question was pulled down, because we were playing music in the background, and youtube laid claim to the copyrights) Here's a spoiler alert:  not only did we each finish a whole zombie...we scored some bonus points.

Upper Left: Ali Alcatraz.  Upper Right: Second Class Elitist,
Lower Left: Merek, Lower Right: Belgarath97

It looks like TGC's got some terrain to paint!

From all the folks at LXG, and for The Eclectic Gentleman himself, this is The Second Class Elitist, and I'll see you on the other side of the table.


  1. Okay, the LXG guys show how to do it. Great stuff, and you guyts must be madder than the rest of us! :)

  2. Oh, we've got a couple screws loose, that;s for sure... :-) Glad you enjoyed it! Video will be going up shortly.