Sunday, May 4, 2014

What did I paint this week? May 4th

Another week, another set of models ready for the display cabinet.  Again, I didn't finish quite as much as I would have liked, but this time I have three different models for three different games from three different manufacturers!  Step into my parlor...

So, I should clarify something first, because I got a couple questions about it last week.  "What I painted this week" really means "what I finished this week.  Very rarely do I actually get a project done in that short a timetable.  More likely, it's been something I've been tinkering with for a long time, and finally got right where I wanted it.  As you can see, our "project shelf" has a good number of mid-stage projects going on.  

This week, I managed to finish a "something old" and a "something new," with a "something not terribly either" tucked away in the middle.  While it was only three models, two of them were pretty hefty, and one was on a really short timetable, so with my workload I was fairly pleased with the results.

First up to bat is a little number I've been working on intermittently since GenCon when B97 brought it back for me. The Dark Age limited edition Skaard Cult Leader.  This was one of the models that first attracted me to the game, but it was out of stock and out of print before I could get one.  It came back in for GenCon last year, and I've been working on doing him justice ever since.  My plan is to make an all-radiation themed Skaard cult, based loosely on a couple different computer games, based to match my "Fallout: New Vegas" themed table.  This model was really important to get right, and I'm glad I took my time on it.  The rock formation came with the model, and the base is custom made- the wrecked barrel comes from a Tamiya kit. There's actually a bit more OSL on the model than is showing in the photos- I've been finding that for some reason my favorite technique for OSL- using fluorescent paint- doesn't convert real well in photos unfortunately. 

The second was a model from Bombshell Miniatures/Airlock Games (still not sure where one ends and one begins on that one) for the new Counterblast game LXG is helping with the playtesting on. As Ali will tell you, I have a weakness for robot models, so it's really no wonder that was the first piece I finished- and delivery-to-done in under a week no less!  The device in his right hand looks a lot like a lightsaber handle to me, and it would have been if I had an acrylic small enough.  That'll be fixed next weekend.  I am planning on going with a mostly "cadmium and yellow" color scheme as it invokes a very retro-50's feel in my mind.  Either that or a Periwinkle blue- any preferences leave them below in the comments! This MacBot, like all the Bombshell robot models, has such an awesome retro look about it that they're just fun to paint.  Not as much fun as Johnny Rocketpants will be (yup, still making that a thing!) but a great place to start with models currently available.  The base is a FireBucket Tile City base.

Last but certainly not least, I finished the second model for my Warzone: Resurrection Dark Legion force. The Necrobeast and Rider is something new to this edition of Warzone/Mutant Chronicles, and it really shows that Prodos is going to not only pay homage to the old stuff, but introduce some really good new stuff along with it. All of my Dark Legion, in a nod to it's graphic beginnings, is going to be painted in a very line-heavy, high-contrast style- a little bit different for me, but I like the look so far.  Again, this still needs to be sealed (I like doing them all at once in case of any atmospheric change in color) so it came up a little
glossy, but I think you'll get the idea. I had been trying to come up with a color scheme I thought woudl work for a large, savage beast, and decided on a blue with green tiger stripes.  It really looks menacing and blends in well... until we figured out where I got the idea from, earning them the rather less terrifying nickname of "Battlecat Landsharks." Sigh.
 While the majority of the Dark Legion is going to be based on a combination of FireBucket "Boardwalk Bayou" and "Forest" bases combined to give it a Venusian Jungle feel, there's only one 50mm base in that line that fits the bill.  Since I didn't want two identical Necrobeasts on two identical bases (Curse you FB for not making more than one base per theme in a unusual and rarely used size! *shakes fist wildly*) I decided to custom this one up- which also allowed me to get this one done ahead of schedule, since the rest of my Dark Legion is waiting on a base order i just placed to come in. That is, if Noel from FireBucket can stop swimming in that "Kickstarter money" long enough to ship me out some resin.  Of course, if he's busily hard at work cutting my new TileCity table (which you have like a week to still get in on if you want some!) I can wait patiently. Sort of. Anyway, here's a couple gratis shots:  The finished Necrobeast and Razide, best buds that they are, on my Venus table, and then again in their home in my display case.  Two down, several to go!


That about takes care of this week.  Next week will have more exciting pieces to talk about.  Think I botched my color theory?  Want to comment on my painting technique?  see some flashing I forgot to remove?  Leave them in the comments below.  And, as always, I'll see you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist. 


  1. Nicely done sir, and as someone who can take literal years to finish some projects, I can understand the caveat about what you painted this week! :)

  2. Great work! I went with more of a Cylon look for my MaC Bot, so I'm definitely interested to see how your retro-pulp theme works out.

    Also, I think "Battlecat Landshark" should be the "official" unofficial name for those Necrobeasts. :-P