Monday, May 12, 2014

What did I paint this week? May 11th

Another week has flown by, and this time I got even less done!  And to top it all off, I was a day late getting this up- although I *swear* the models were all done by Sunday night.  Apologies aside, here we go:  one Counterblast model (and an update on another one), along with one Warzone: Resurrection model (to complete a pair and be three into my 1500 points.) What did I finish?  Step into my parlor...

At the risk of sounding like everyone else on the planet these days, there's just not enough time in a day.  My day job, my personal training thing, the blog, my writing work, trying to keep my girlfriend too busy to realize I'm no good for her- there's just so many things contriving to keep me from my lovely little soldierdolls. 

Alright, with a devout promise that next week will be better- mostly because I have a few triumphs already done and just waiting for bases to arrive- let's get down to what made its way to the cabinet this week.

Round one goes to Sally Starfield from Counterblast. This model is really beautiful.  It's not cheesecake, there's nothing below the neckline showing skin, but here's a stylish lady who manages to pull off the Holy Grail of female models: feminine without cheesecake, strong without losing femininity.  This model was honestly one of the reasons I chose the GDF faction for Counterblast in the first place.  She's flying high above a HiTech Miniatures "Alien Themed" base.  It for me made the model a mini-diorama very reminiscent to an old pulp comic cover- all it's missing is a few tentacles coming upwards.  All that being said... she's going in the cabinet for a week, and then getting stripped and repainted.  I wasn't happy with the way the yellow came out, and in the end it strayed a little too far from the 50's palette I want for my GDF.  I'm really happy with the face and hair (modeled to look like TGC), so I hope I can pull that off again on the redux.  Also, a quick question for everyone:  Should I do all my Galatic Defense Force models in a unified armor (making them truly uniform), or just keep to the palette and paint every model differently?  The first one seems more "game friendly" and organizes the models better, while the second one is far more like the Sci Fi Serials I remember, and so seems more appropriate to the figures to me.  I'd love a couple quick comments below on the subject! Sally makes it to the cabinet next to last week's Macbot, who has found the on switch to his lightsaber since his last photo op.

Second up to bat is the second Razide of the pair.  While the muscle toning didn't get nearly as tight as the 

first one, I'm still really happy with this guy, and as you see in the later pics that most definitely are a matched set.  Like the rest of my Dark Legion faction for Warzone Resurrection, he's on a Firebucket Games base- this one is from the Forest set.  I'm mixing the Forest and Bayou sets together to make a larger field of options, and making something more "Venusian" in my head, as I imagine the Venusian jungles to be somewhere between forest and bayou anyway. I love the look of these Razides.  Truly classical, and perfectly reminiscent of what appeared in the original comics- with a mfar improved look over any pre-existing Warzone models.  A great model that is almost a need for the Dark Legion. Not only is he a big tough target to take down, he comes with a few different weapon options, and is simply stunning on the tabletop.  The more paint I get on my Dark Legion, the more impressed I am with them.  That's 295 points fully painted in the cabinet, in only three models! Worth every penny guys, trust me.  

Alright... here's an Easter Egg for ya, because you sat through this long.  While there's not a drop of paint on the guy, that's because he's not mine- it's a conversion for TGC's Mishima force.  While the Demon Hunters are coming in a "soon" kinda way, I cooked up this idea a while back, and just finished him up. (By the way, if you ever want a neglected unit to get sculpted, ask me to do a conversion for them.  Seriously, this never fails.)  This is a Hatamoto, with bits and bobs from a second Hatamoto placed on his shoulders.  The cutwork was a little tricky, but the Prodos resin is really a dream to work with.  After that it was just a matter of getting the lines puttied up cleanly, and there you go.  Now I just need to order a set of Tiger Dragons to get the right machine gun for the lower right arm, and the guy is finished- and needing my to make him a buddy. If you guys pester TGC enough, we can probably get her to show off the model when it's done being painted.

Well, that finishes up what I got done this (er, last) week.  Questions and comments as always very much appreciated.  Any thoughts on paint schemes for Galactic Defense  Force?  Painting your Dark Legion in a completely different theme? I'd love to hear about them!

See you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist.

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