Sunday, May 25, 2014

What did I paint this week? May 25th

Okay, so you're in for a treat this week! Not because I suddenly got any better at painting, but because I was so busy meeting deadlines last week that I never got a wdiptw article up- and today's is a double! Strap in folks, we're hitting the painting table hard!

First up are what were supposed to be last week's offerings- Warzone: Resurrection Necromutants!  One of two units that can be fielded by the Dark Legion as troops, Necromutants are a key element of any decent Dark Legion army.  While they cost as much as two Undead Legionaires each, they can run where the Legionaires can't, and they have a RoF2 where the Legionaires don't, so you are getting what you're paying for.

As far as the models themselves go, they're stunning.  A great example of taking the classic Mutant Chronicles IP and putting a 21st century look to it.  They are large and brutish, exactly the way I like my dead goons.   Prodos sells them in a unit of 10, as well as 2 designed to be unit leader upgrades for Legionaires.  Personally, I just mixed them all together and put the mall on 30mm bases.  I'd prefer to place the 30mm up on a 40mm when I need an upgraded one than not have access to all of them for unit building if I wanted.  Also, if you want a slightly different look, you can use pieces from other WZ:R kits to make some nice conversions for these guys... hello Capitol torso! These models (like my entire Dark Legion force will be) are
on Firebucket Games bases: a combination of forest floor and boardwalk bayou bases.  And without further ado, here's what I have kitted up for the Legion thus far- almost enough for fully painted games, and more than enough for demos if I also use the Undead Legionaires Ali painted up. (You'll get to see those in her upcoming Zombie of the Month article. They made me want to quit painting, they're that good.)

So, if that was last week, then what got done this week?  A complete 180 degree spin on the color scheme
for my GDF force for Counterblast.  Ali and I put together a whole palette of paints that match the fifties' color spectrum for painting Counterblast models (if people leave comments asking what they are, I'll post the shopping list!).  Once I tried one model in this beautiful turquoise/teal color, I just had to revise my paint scheme.  Here's the first two completely finished pieces for my GDF- a BedeBot and a repaint of the MacBot I did before.  Stay tuned for a return of Sally Starfield, and the incredibly wonderful Counterblast Jetbikes!

Last but not least, I'm going to go off-hobby for a minute, so bear with me.  If you're reading this from the United States, you're celebrating a great holiday this weekend.  A holiday about freedom and democracy and all the stuff that makes American the place it is- supplied to you by your men and women in the Armed Forces.  I would ask everyone to remember not only those that lost their lives for us, but those who continue to suffer.  Support the Wounded Warrior Project and help those that deal every day with pain and injuries to receive better treatment.  When soldierdolls break in the line of duty, superglue is all it takes to put limbs back on.  When it happens to real soldiers, it's not so easy to fix.  I wish it was. Show them support.

Alright, enough real world, let's get back to gaming!  What do you think of the new Counterblast scheme?  the Necromutants?  Please lave thoughts and criticisms below.  As always, I'll see you on the other side of the table.

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