Friday, April 25, 2014

What did I paint this week? April 25th

My name is Tom, and I have a painting backlog.

Hey, that makes me like every other gamer, right?

So, in order to try to deal with that (and show off some goofy little pieces every know and then that might not be part of anything bigger like an army or something), I'm going to start a new, (hopefully) weekly article series titled "What did I paint this week?" where I will try to show you a couple finished pieces from one week to the next.

Now, that's not to say that's all I worked on, nor that I did them all this week.  In fact, I'm usually working on five or six different projects at any one time, and each of them are usually anywhere from five to twenty models.  All of that's a roundabout way of saying you never know exactly what you're gonna get, and in fact I'm never sure form one week to the next what I'm gonna finish.  All I know is that I try to keep a nearly balanced :cough: ratio of acquiring models to finishing painting them.  I also like to live in a delirious fantasy world, as no gamer anywhere does that.

This week I had a fancy for some little known, older, more random models apparently.  Now, most times I'm not a huge fan of older sculpts, and many times they don't hold up to the modern standard.  When you do find a golden oldie, however, it's always a treat, and something that your buddies (or mates, as you please) are not likely to have access to.

This first guy isn't really an oldie, just a model not attached to a specific game- which, since I'm usually building armies-out-of-the-box, means I've been neglecting him for a while.  This is a Hasslefree model (sculpted by Micheal Brand) which is intended to show the early stage of a werewolf transformation. For me, it's going to be a very excellent Trauma Hound for Spinespur.  It's a simple model, but since it's a simple classic concept it didn't need a lot.  The straightjacket is properly strapped (not as common as you'd think!) and the "wild hair" look allows the figure to conceal the oversized head a bit common to 28mm Heroic.  

Second, we have a model from Blackball Games, for their AE WWII line.  The Homunculus is also being pressed into service in Spinespur, as a Composite, and a right ugly one at that.  It's tough to discuss the quality of this figure... the proportions are all wrong, and the stance is inhuman the facial figures are misshapen... but that;s kind of the point to him, so it works because it's all intentional.  I will say the existing detail- the stitchlines, the folds of cloth, etc- are all well done, lending credence to the idea that it wasn't a "sculpting accident with a sku number" but far more intentional.  Overall, a really nice change of pace piece.

Wrapping up this week, we come to a real oldie but goodie.  This is an old Mongoose Publishing model from their old Judge Dredd line.  Dredd has always been a personal fave, and this model does not disappoint.  The Junk Robot has a lot of really neat touches on it, such as the pot helmet, bolts and studs, and the "lid butt" which is more humorous than it probably should be.  This little guy has a lot of character, and I'm very lucky to have a couple of them to play around with different paint schemes on.   

So, that's it for now.  I'll usually have more than this, but this week was a busy one for other projects, so there wasn't a lot of brush time available. I'll leave you with a shot of my happy little twisted Spinespur family- all model but four are actual Comfy Chair models for the line, and I suggest anyone who's a fan of unique gameplay and scarring backstory should take a look at it. 

LXG is collectively away for the weekend with a different hobby (less dice, but much violence), so from everyone here, we'll see you all next week!

The Second Class Elitist 


  1. Nice work all around, and cool to see the Spinespur stuff. :)

  2. like the spinespur lines. Never thought of that zombie as an composite, but good idea.

    I have that robot also, I thought about using him in counterblast (Didnt do the KS , but will probably get it retail) or/and in pulp city (did back the KS) as a minion.. good job on the paint jobs