Monday, June 16, 2014

What did I paint this week? June 15th

Okay, I know, I missed last week.  Last minute revisions on some writing work literally ate up my weekend, and I have the dishes and crumbs to prove it.  However, here's a nice look at some work last week, and some new pieces done this week!

Last week didn't see a whole lot get done I'm afraid.  I do have two nice offerings though.  This guy is a Reaper Bones model that's going to be part of a Post Apoc diorama/Toxic Holocaust force. I've always liked the look of this model, it's always been "Bryan Denehee as Mad Max" to me.  The best thing about this guy to me was the fact that it's all "non-blacks," which is to say mixing a color into black to give it a little tint. It may be hard to tell by the photo, but there's actually five different non-blacks on the model: red, grey, blue, purple, and green.  It's a good
technique for making a black-based model not look flat when you're not doing a lot of highlights.  The last of the red-hot Interceptors to be following, hopefully soon. (By the way, Toxic Holocaust is played on 30mm bases not 25mm. The model is pinned into the base through the left foot, because I'm not yet sure about his final destination.  If he doesn't get turned into a diorama, he'll get reset onto a 30mm.  In the meantime, I can use him in Toxic Holocaust just by dropping a Firebucket wargaming ring around the base.)

Second up is a redux of a previous WDIPTW model, Sally Starfield.  After the initial paint job I did some more color theory work, and came up with a theme I liked better for my GDF. The new palette is all 50's colors, and gives the force as a whole a nice unified look.  I'm really pleased with the colors, and think that this is going to me a really well defined force for Counterblast. Now the only thing left will be to "modify" the acrylic bubble helm coming with the kickstarter to fit onto this earlier model.  It's going to take some finicky cutwork, but Patrick
Kieth says it can work.  With colors schemes for my GDF and Lancers locked down, now I just need to decide how I want to paint my Mekkus force.  Two out of three before Kickstarter shipping ain't bad!

And on to this week. I kind of only got two model's done... and at the same time, kind of got five models done.  The reason is one/four of those models are the Shattered from Spinespur.  These are civilians whose brains have finally snapped from all the craziness around them, so they're basically human cattle that can be steered around the table.  Limited effectiveness, but man are they sweet.  You gotta love the "quintessential gamer," complete with messenger bag of books and neckbeard, who I think looks just a little bit like a younger Bob Mervine. That black shirt will be getting a freehanded dragon on it when I feel courageous enough to try, but for now it's three colors of blending will have to suffice.  The other three I think would make
excellent additions to any zombie hoard all on their own.  Ol' Granny's only a few days away from it herself, the construction worker dragging the pipewrench looks the part, factor in the working mom with the unclothed baby and they all look like they're the Night of the Living Rejects.  You've got to love how original the models are in Spinespur.  You get a few tropes and cliches, but those cleanse the palette between really off the wall original pieces.

The final offering for this week is a color test for my Capitol force in Warzone: Resurrection. Like just about everyone else I was first going to do a classic "Martian Camo" kind of thing, then decided last minute to try something more akin to a night op armor pattern.  So, here it is: red camo cloth, black armor.  This is the quick-and-dirty version, so don't get all crazy on me for the general sloppy aspects of the brushwork.  This was just the test, the rest will be much tighter.  However, since last time I waited on my color scheme somebody beat me to it (Cybertronic infiltrators!) I decided to jump early on this one.  Anyway, let me know what you think.

This coming week, you won't get to see one of these.  I"ll be away all weekend, and have four days to finish everything I usually do in seven.  The week after you'll be in for a treat.  Not only will have I some more painted lovelies, but we'll be starting up an LXG Campaign in Spinespur!

See you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist


  1. Always good to see Spinespur mentioned in a blog post. :)

    1. Fear not, good Citizen, there will be plenty for you to follow along with very soon!