Thursday, June 5, 2014

What did I paint this week? June 1st

Yeah, I know, I'm behind on these again.  I promise nothing in these pictures were painted after the first.
(Actually, the models were photographed on Saturday the 31st.)  My schedules just been a bit "happily hectic" recently.  Since I have a few projects finishing up last week and this week, I should be able to get back to a regular painting- and blogging!- schedule once again.

Enough yappin', time to show some finished soldierdolls!

Ali says I like robots more than I like people...this coming from someone with a zombie addiction that would make Stephen King turn white(r). Okay, so, out of my first four Counterblast models finished, three were robots (Sally Starfield being the exception).  To be fair though, this little mini-diorama, which has given me an idea for a whole Lancer faction, wasn't all my work.  Ali did all the work on the little white helperbot, while I focused on the larger, metallic BedeBot. They make such a pair, don't you think?  They almost remind me of something I once saw a long, long time ago...

This one is a piece I had shown in incomplete stages on the blog.... the Immortal form the Cybertronic force of Warzone Resurrection.  I got him during the Kickstarter in the "kickstarter only starter box" for Cybertronic.  Fortunately, I picked up the Everassur version of the box as well before that one got discontinued.  Three starter boxes so far- no grass grows under their feet!

And on to the most joyous addon of Starter Box Three for Cybertronic.
The Exterminassur.  This beastly beauty is going to be amazing.  He's a towering model in a towering faction.  One thing I do have to admit:  I love BIG models.  Okay, sure, and robots.  The best thing about Cybertronic is they do both!
It's the wonderful chocolate-in-my-robotic-peanut-butter combination that means I'll be spending way too much money on this faction this time around.  But, what are the stats foer the Exterminassur, you ask?  They'll be coming this week, and sure to be talked about on DooomTrooper Radio- so listen in to find out!  I can tell you one thing:  everyone who plays Cybertronic is going to want some new Starter kits. How many??? Spoilers, darling, spoilers. Since these pictures made it really hard to showcase just how flippin' massive this guy was, I included a shot next to a "normal Warzone height" Chasseur, for purposes of scale.  I have an article ready to go on him, but Johan at DiceandBrush beat me to id, so I wanted to give his piece a week's exclusive before I jumped on it.  Even if mine's painted and his isn't. :-)

Okay, last but in no way least, we come around to the last finished work of the week... the Counterblast Rocketbike.  I really hope you guys took advantage of them while they were on sale like I told you to, but if not, even at their regular price there worth it.  I go into why over here.  Having finished up the metallic red and chrome beauty, I felt there was only one person who should lead my band of rocketbikers, and that would be the original king of the red crotch rocket, Kaneda. The rider's outfit is detailed to match Kaneda's as closely as possible, right down to the pill on the jacket.  You know, you can talk about non-metallic
metallics, or wet blending, or OSL, or any other painting trick you want, but to me the mark of the superior paintjob (which this isn't, I'm not that egotistical!) will always be the hand painted detailing.  I was really happy with how the capsule went on, and got it on the first try.  The base is designed to match LXG's "Fallout New Vegas" themed table, which I thought was a great place to have a rocketbiker gang tooling around.

So, there we are, four finished pieces this week, and more to come next week.  Maybe even on time!  Until then, as always any questions comments or complaints feel free to drop below.

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