Sunday, January 19, 2014

Product Review: Firebucket Games Bases

      So, a bit ago I got some product from the lovely blokes at FireBucket.  You'll remember I showed you the unfinished pieces here.  Well, it's time to show where some of those bases have gone, in a montage spectacle of cross-genre photos. Just a warning, this article is full of beautiful models and stunning bases!

     If you've been following us a while (and if not, welcome aboard!) you know that Spinespur is one of our guilty pleasures. AliAlcatraz used a bunch of the FireBucket Boardwalk on the Bayou bases for her Wargames Factory Survivors which double nicely as thugs in Spinespur and pretty much everyone in Street Chum.  the swampy bases look amazing.  Any models you have set in a swampy or jungle-based environment would do well to be on these bases (I'm looking at you, Venusian Warzone forces!)

     Not to be outdone by mere mortals, her Cardinals are a wonder to behold- based up on Tile City bases, they instill a properly Gothic feel under these massive models.  (I've made a couple comments about Cardinal Blah having a bit of a "get off my lawn!" look... but only from outside of charge range...)

     From modern horror to futuristic post-apoc.  Dark Age is a hell of a fun game with a strong cult following and a vibrant tournament circuit.  TokenGamerChic utilized the Crystal Field bases for her Dragyri Air Caste force.  She wanted to use a multi-tonal look to communicate the prismatic effects of the Dragyri crystals, which does a solid job of actually showing off just how much crystalwork there is on these things!  Any army from blood mages to Egyptian robots to just about anything fighting on an alien or magical landscape can utilize these guys.  Also, if you're into object source lighting like I am, well, this is a playground waiting to happen.

     So, why are there no pictures of my work in here?  Well, to be honest, I've had a bit of a painting conundrum that has knocked my painting schedule for a loop (not to mention you can tell from my lack of articles that free time has been harder to come by) but I do have a few projects in the works right now.   A nice big and beautiful Cyclops model from Comfy Chair Games on a Firebucket Forest Floor base (yup, they do pieces for square basers too!) as well as two gentleman that have contributed to my lack of free time, Limited Edition Doomtroopers Andrew Drougan and Micheal Farraday from Mutant Chronicles Ressurection by Prodos. They are on 40mm Boardwalk on the Bayou bases- my Dark Legion and (sooooon!!!!) Blood Beret forces will be on a combination of non-planked Boardwalk on the Bayou and Forest Floor bases- those two packs together should give me enough variety.  

     Now, I told you that story to tell you this one.  Firebucket doesn't just make some of the most amazing bases out there... they also have an incredible table project that I've been drooling to get my grubby mits on for almost a year.  This thing is actually the reason I didn't bother getting the Secret Weapon table, because I liked the aesthetic of this table and it's accompanying terrain far better.  This project is coming.  February 3rd is the intended launch date of the Kickstarter, and brother you want in on this.  These tables are amazing, and I really can't wait to get my hands on them.  The guys at Firebucket are some of the most quality control oriented people I've ever met in this business, and I really think they're going places. Incredibly high quality affordable HDF terrain that is designed not only to give you a stunning look on the tabletop but also have a wide variety of use options. This is going to one to open your wallet for- in fact I've already got $300 sayin' I'm gonna have me a brand new T5 Tile City table complete with buildings and containers and roadblocks!  Make sure you check this out when it goes live- we'll have an update for you then.  

 Another possible setup.  The possibilities are almost limitless.
A Deco MBBM set and an Outpost MBBM set on the T5 tiles; this time with Planters.

Once unlocked, and lit, ARC Pylons can be quite spectacular. (LEDs not included)

That's about as much eye candy as I can dish out in one morning.  If anyone has pics of their favorite models on FireBucket bases, I'd love to see you works!

See you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist


  1. Oh man, I hope I have money for when that KS starts...

  2. wow this the amazing games informer. but it is not the safe one for the children as the dress up games.