Friday, January 24, 2014

Time to Paint Some Warzone!!!

     So, we've had our Warzone Resurrection models for a little bit of time now, and I've hemmed and hawed about how to paint them.  Well, here is my decided paint scheme, as well as a nice painting challenge for anyone looking for an excuse to pick up a brush.

      So, a little bit ago I reached out the gaming masses for some help with my Cybertronic paint scheme.  I offered up a bunch of designs that I was mostly but not completely happy with.   In among all the offered advice was this little nugget of joy:

Or if you want really classic cybertronic keep the patterning of the martian night proof you've done but shift the palette from black and red to dark blue and dark neon green."

     Which got me thinking about my color palette all over again, and forced me to go back and (for a fifth time) review all the Cybertronic imagery I could find.  In doing so, I really wanted to try to reproduce this look- it was semi-classical for the MegaCorp, would allow a high-contrast blending style I enjoy to paint, and would show up nicely on the table top. And so, with a little help from all my friends in the interwebs, my Cybertronic Paint Scheme was finally born.

     I'll be posting some more pictures of them as I finish models.  In the meantime, anyone with unpainted figs from this Kickstarter (which would be probably everyone) should really go check out Big Jim's blog for inspiration.  He's hosting a 3-month long painting competition to get people jump started on their painting.  TokenGamerChic and I are in it, and you should be too! Hopefully, Belgarath will "unlazy" long enough to get his models assembled now that he has all the right parts, and toss up another ten for your viewing pleasure as well. We took these using Big Jim's pledge as the backdrop as proof of date- because anybody can write any month they want on a sheet of paper (you could be starting your March pieces right now!) but this creates a time-stamped proof. 
Eight Ronin, Captain Hiroko, and Lord Nazuki for TGC.  The heavy cool tones of the
backshot played hell with my auto-filter:  They're actually primed white!

Straight from the MCR Deptartment, four Armored Chasseurs, and 6 regular ones.

     Well, time for me to put down the keyboard and pick up a brush! AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!

The Second Class Elitist

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