Friday, August 1, 2014

Journey into the Wyrd

 From the title some of you might have guessed that LXG has delved into the crazy world that is Malifaux.  Ali, TokenGamerChic, Merek, 2CE, and I have all started crews, and some of us have even started the painting process… Even me, some of you will realize that’s an achievement.  But that’s for another time, this article is about my experiences and thoughts on our first few games.

In the interests of honesty dear readers, this isn’t the first time I’ve looked at Malifaux.  A few years ago I used to listen to a podcast, and one of the casters used to extol the virtues of the game.  So when time came for LXG to look for some new games to talk about and play, I looked into Malifaux.  This was back in 1st edition, and I was a bit put off by the game.  First off back then there were a slew of books, and the game felt like you needed all of them.  Second, the genre was new to me.  Horror based gaming?  Little did I know that Spinespur would be in my future and that I would love it.  And the last thing, no DICE?  A deck of cards?  I felt lost.
Now though, I think I might be in love.  Ok that’s a bit strong, but I’m very happily surprised with 2nd edition Malifaux.  Let’s start with the rules set.  The rules are consistent across the board.  The deck of cards and the fact that there are 2 bits of info on each card, allow for an element that could only be achieved with dice by rolling 2 different ones.  So one card is doing the job of 2 dice.  Damage and healing are done using the same mechanics, which means you only have to memorize on mechanic (YAY!).  All those books from 1st edition are gone, replaced with upgrade cards that are available in the rulebook and a free PDF.  Really from a rules set the only thing I don’t like, is it’s designed for a 3’x3’ table.  It’s just not compatible with the other games I play.  But we’re looking into answers for that.

Now about the genre, 2ce and I were discussing this the other day, and we’ve come to realize that we like story more than anything else in our games.  Malifaux has this in spades (pun intended).  It’s not true horror like Spinespur, it’s not true fantasy like WFB, it’s not even truly steampunk, but a blend of the three.  The characters and models borrow heavily from the iconography and great stories of those genres.  It’s a blend that plays well on the tabletop as well.  The games feel like mini stories, and I for one love that.
Finally we get to the best selling point I can give you.  The model’s are gorgeous.  From the basics of the show girls.  To the crazy that is Yin.  There is character and fun in each one.  The conversion to all plastics has really paid off with levels of customization and detail that metal just can’t compete with.  Honestly, the renders on the boxes just don’t do these models justice, you have to see some painted examples to  see the true detail.  Here are some that 2CE just finished up.

I’m really stoked for this game going forward and I’ll be back soon with a battle report.  Just as soon as I get another game in.  Until next time…


PS. - Here is a look at those gorgeous models 2CE got done.

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