Monday, December 23, 2013

Kickwatcher: Gah! Zombies!

Right now there are a slew of games that have zombies, or some facsimile there of, in them.  So it may not seem like a huge surprise that there is a Kickstarter out there that is aiming to give us some unique zombie models.  3DForge miniatures has a kickstarter brewing that I think everyone should look at.

3DForge set out to create a KS that would give us 12 unique zombie models to add to any zombie collection.  Along with the zombies, they are also releasing a set of survivors, and are designing a
set of children zombies (which sounds really cool to me).  On top of the awesome models, 3DForge is producing a set of terrain features to coincide with the zombie apocalypse.  Barricades and walls, trash cans, barrels, dumpsters, tires, sandbags; everything you need to create the scatter to make a tabletop feel right.  I know that all so often I have played games of what was supposed to be a battlefield, or urban streets, and there table felt empty.  These features really should help create the illusion a table should be.

As with most Kickstarters, what sets them apart from the others is value.  And let me tell you there is value to be had here.  For a base line pledge of 12 pounds (approx. $20) you can get 5 of the character zombies, so 2.4 pounds each (approx. $4).  Then there is the list of unlocked freebies:

  • 1x small skip
  • 2x section of security fence
  • 2x set of trash and barrels (8 parts total)
  • 2x concrete crash barriers
  • 2x piles of sandbags
  • 2x wheelie bins (4 parts total)
  • 2x large dumpster
  • 2x set of traffic barriers
  • 5x piles of tires (10 parts total)
  • 2x plastic crowd barriers (6 parts total)
  • 2x large skip set

Of course then there are the addon packs.  12 pounds for the Survivors, 9 pounds for the 'Little Biters' (zombie children), or 15 pounds for the dumpster and barrels fortification pack (23 pieces), or the walls and barriers.  Not to mention the "Highway to Hell" with car husks and luggage for 28 pounds.
The first game that came to mind when I saw this KS was Spinespur.  However the terrain features can be used for any urban/apocalypse table set up.  And if you really don't want zombies (crazy as that sounds) you can pledge at multiple levels for just the terrain.  As a parting shot, you are still reading and haven't gone to pledge yet, I leave you with this picture of one of the 3d print masters.

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