Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sunday News: It's here at last...

This week's Sunday News is full of some really cool stuff.  I hope you find it as much fun to read as it was to research.  So without further ado:

Remember when I showed off that teaser pic from Knight Minitures' Batman game?  Well here it is, a Batman miniature based on Frank Miller's tenure.  2CE just fell out of his chair and screamed, "I want that!"  To coincide with the release of this miniature, they also released Ras Al Ghul & the League of Shadows and Penguin Thugs.  At some point I'm going to have to see if I can find this game.

It seems Alien Dungeon has been busy the last few weeks since their KickStarter ended for All Quiet on the Martian Front.  In their last 2 updates they have mentioned just how much is done.  It seems all the sculpting work has been sent out, as has the CAD files for the Plastic stuff.  The rule set is very nearly done, with Pick Priestly doing the finishing touches, and then the graphic stuff starts on the book proper.  On top of all of this they are updating both the website and their forums for the game, the latter of which is done and can be found here. I know that neither 2CE or I could get in on this KS (it just wasn't in the budget), I'm fairly certain that I'll be jumping in when it releases.  The idea just seems too cool, and I once worked for Ernie Baker the owner, and he's a brilliant man.

There was a major announcement from By Fire and Sword this week about the release of the KickStarter pledges.  Anything that was already in production has been shipped, except the Swedish Skirmish Force, which had to have new molds made.  Then this announcement went on to outline the schedule for everything else.  If you backed this project make sure you check it out, it's a long one though.  If you didn't back it, like me, but still are interested, it's good to see things moving along.  Especially when models like this come about from it.

As of this moment, there are under 2 hours left in the Cthulhu Wars KickStarter.  I don't know how well they've done raising over 1.3 Million dollars of their loft $40, 000 goal.  All joking aside, I know this is a board game, but it's Lovecraft and Cthulhu, what's not to love here?  This KS is a whopping success and I couldn't be happier to see it's success.

I swear Mr. Black, the evil genius behind Dark Age, is trying to surprise me every week.  A while ago they announced a new rule set.  Then he made the championship series at Gen Con an open, which meant I'm definitely competing.  In the last two weeks he's hinted at or out right confirmed new models on the horizon for both the Kulkukani and Outcast factions.  But now he's out done himself.  On July 4th he posted this.  At first glance not much more then preview splash of the new cover for the rule book.  Until you read the copy of the back cover.  "The Dark Age Core Rule Book include all the rules needed to play the game, documents and rules for each of the game's nine factions."  (Emphasis added by me)  Wait, what?  Nine Factions !?  Forsaken, Outcast, Dragyri, Skarrd, Brood, CORE, Kulkukani, and.... TWO NEW FACTIONS!?!  OK, I'm super stoked to see what this book has in store for us now.

Deadzone has been doing something with their Kickstarter Pledge Manager that I've not seen done single move has changed my opinion.  They could have taken the extra money and run, but instead they gave it back to the fans.  Nice job, when 2CE get's his stuff, I'm going to try the game.  Really nice job!
before, and I'm really excited to see.  First a little reference material.  When a Kickstarter ends the company or person behind it will send a survey out.  Traditionally, what I have seen alot is there is usually an option to up your original pledge to accommodate if a pledger whats to get any more addons or receive a larger compensation package.  Mantic has decided to take this additional revenue and continue to upgrade the offering.  For example, when the Kickstarter ended the Peacekeeper Enforcers in plastic goal had not been met.  Mantic has taken the additional revenue from the survey and matched it to that goal and are now releasing the unit in plastic.  I've personally never really given Mantic much credit and haven't played any of their games, but this

As you saw here, 2CE got into Dropzone a little, and now the pressure is one for me to do the same.  Also I need to defend my honor as he doesn't beat me nearly as much as he likes to claim (bring it!).  But there has been a bit of a sense that things had slowed down at Hawk Wargames, because there had been so little news.  Well, Dave, the man in charge over there, had this to say:

I don't usually post news this way, but I wanted to let you guys know how things are going with the design side at Hawk to provide some insight into why we've appeared to be quiet lately.
Our main focus right now is preparing for GenCon Indianapolis. It will be our largest show of the year and it's quite an undertaking for a new UK based company to attend. We've been working hard to make the most of this fantastic platform, so expect to see lots of brand new stuff there and online when the show opens!
We've working on more than one big project lately and this has had a short term effect on our intended release schedule. It's extremely hard for us to keep our mouths shut about these at the moment, but all I can really say is watch this space!
As for the current batch of new releases (the ones we previewed a few weeks back), they have slipped a little behind schedule, but only by a few weeks. We'd intended to show you full resin shots by now, but are currently waiting to have our first production models at HQ for photography. As soon as we have them, I'll be straight into the studio to get you shots! We could of course advertise the products as renders, but that's not the sort of company we want to be; it's all too easy to show off idealised, smooth renders of models that don't exist yet - we want to show you real miniatures! 
As a small company managing rapid growth with a large number of projects getting near completion, we're all working as hard as we can on several other initiatives, many of which will be revealed soon. I'm still doing all the design, photography, writing, editing as well as running the company and we're looking at expanding further as soon as this current crop of projects are completed. As such, we thank you for your patience and support, not long now until you'll see the fruits of our labours!
- Dave
Glad to see this game has some major stuff coming soon.  Partly selfish in my excitement, but more on that later.

Here they are Ladies and Gentlemen, Little eXtraordinary Gaming Rings, or LXG Rings for short.  FireBucket Games took a suggestion from 2CE to make a cheap way to covert beveled 25mm bases into 30mm ringed ones.  And they gave us the nod in the name.  Honestly though, there are a number of companies making resin bases for beveled 25mm miniatures because of the GW market share.  Now you can have those same bases for your 30mm game, like Dark Age or Warzone: Ressurection.  Oh and last point 15 of these babies is $5.
If you have any interest in painting at a competitive level, Megalith Games (the guys who make Godslayer) is holding a Godslayer Painting Contest.  From July 1st to the 13st.  The detail are found here, but I think it would be awesome if someone from our community participates.  If you are let us know in the comments below.

Comfy Chair Games finally gave us an update on what's going on with Spinespur (rollntider is a happy guy right now).  Seems they didn't die over there, they have just been busy.  They showcased this model in the update, and now I'm going to have to buy me some Shattered when they release because this model is gorgeous.  Especially like the detail to showcase that she's not holding a real baby but a doll.  There is only one model from the KS still being sculpted, so the November delivery date seems secure.

There is a new Kickstarter that you might want to look at.  All right it's not new, and only has 6 days left, but it's something I've decided to back and I think you should too.  It's from a company called Happy Seppuku.  They make basing stamps.  With them you cam create things like these:

The KickStarter is to help them get the stamps made in Laser cut molds, as opposed to the ones they are using now, the old and new above.  Basically this means cleaner lines and definition.  Why am I backing this?  Yes there is nothing there I couldn't do by hand, but for a small fee I don't have to.  To showcase what I mean here is the tutorial article I read the sold me on the product.  Anyway, this is the last week to get in on these, 2DE are splitting the cost and will shade the stamps, so find a friend/friends and get these for very little.

Warzone: Ressurection started releasing PDFs of the basic rules and army rules to their backers.  Aside from some typo issues they have been really well received and have shone me at least that this game has a lot of potential.  Prodos has done a great job and I am really stoked to get my full rulebook (with 2CE's signature) and models.  Soon.... Very Soon.


  1. Whew i have a busy october/november.

    Deadzone, Spinespur, Guardians Chronicles, Myth and i went with the basing seppuku pledge also, all due Oct Nov range. (myth is sorta a maybe)

    after that wave I have Kaos ball in feburary and since I missed zombicide KS (season 2) I gotta buy the 2 new expansions for it retail.